Not resolved

I have tried in vein to e-mail a picture and ask for an explanation. All I get is "HTTP Error 404" or the requested resource is not found.

Every e-mail has bounced back as undelivered. I would like to know what the date on the package actually means!! Best if sold by, consumed by or created on??? I took a *** and almost threw up.

It seems I took a *** out of the worst one in the package. Like having bleach in my mouth or something. As a company they really suck by not having an e-mail address you can contact them with. This is my last resort, I will show you the pictures I have been trying to send them.

If you look close you can see a date on the box. Just a date no explanation as to what the date is. I have NEVER had this problem with a competitor's product.

I made the mistake of purchasing this at Wallingford CT BJs. NEVER again!

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